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But first before I tell you about my Home Business Success System, and before I tell you about how it came to be and how it works, let me tell you a little bit about myself…


My name is Ugo and I am the creator of the Home Business Success System.


Not too long ago, I used to work a 9 to 5 job as a researcher in an Orthopedic hospital. The work was important and the experience was necessary for my training … but the pay was awful. In fact, it was just terrible.


Being a young dad with a small but growing family, I had my fair share of HUGE bills to pay. So I did the only thing I could think of … ( No, not rob a bank…!! ) I got myself a SECOND job ASAP.


You know what its like when you have two jobs… you finish with one job at 5 – 5.30pm, then you drive to the next job which starts at 10pm. On the way you park your car by the side of the road because you’re now getting desperately tired and you need to sleep urgently. You eat cold soggy sandwiches and then doze off uncomfortably to the worst sound of trucks and lorries roaring past …


Or sometimes if I arrived early for my second job I would eat leftover cold tasteless sandwiches and sleep in my car in the car park until the bright street lights at night woke me up – just in time to start my shift (which I would finish at 2 am in the morning …!)


Then at 2 – 2.30 am I would head for home. I would  barely see my wife. I did not see my children. I was normally able to steal a few more hours of sleep before I had to be up again at 7.00 am for work the next day. This was no joke. This was no life.




I did this for 18 straight months. This was definitely NO way to live, I kept telling myself this.


But you know what?  … IT WORKED!! At least, I thought it did: I had extra money coming in from two jobs because I had TWO incomes. I was able to keep up with all my bills …


But there was a terrible downside. In fact, there were many. Here were the downsides:


I NEVER saw my kids …

My relationship with my wife SUFFERED …

I gained 44 pounds in WEIGHT…

I was always IRRITABLE and

I was permanently TIRED.


At that time, I had only one philosophy about my money because I only knew one thing about money: If I put in more hours, I would get more money!  So I was putting in more hours to get paid more money. I was swapping my time for money.


I was also slowly BURNING OUT already!! Burning out at the age of 32 yrs !!! I knew I could not go on for much longer …


The research project finally ended and I was able to change to a better paid job with decent hours. Things were getting better for me and for my family. My kids were getting used to seeing more of me, I was more rested. I was a happier person …


But there was just one thing in my mind that I could not let go of. I was so affected by what I had been through that I spent nearly everyday from that low point in my life afraid and worried that I would end up in that deeply depressing state again.


The experience was humbling but it got me to realize that to truly take care of myself and my family, I needed another source of PASSIVE income. One that was significant but did not depend on having to put in hundreds of hours a week of my time into it.


I decided to run my own business because I wanted the potential of a limitless income. I turned to the internet because it has a global reach and because an online business is mobile. But I had no product or service to sell.


I decided to promote other peoples products and services (let them worry about customer service, not me) and I decided to focus only on  products and services where I could get paid HUGE commissions for my effort. I was worth it.




It takes the same effort to generate commissions of $1 as it does to generate commissions of $1000 so why not just focus on earning large commissions.


I then noticed that hundreds of thousands of people start home businesses every day. Why not get involved in this industry, start my own home business, make money and get paid even more money to help others start their own successful online businesses. The more successful that people I helped became, the bigger the commissions I got paid by these companies.


That was how I joined my first opportunity.


Join ALL the opportunities and you will notice one thing, they all work beautifully together and they complement one another to earn you a massive potential PASSIVE and ONGOING income.


The Home Business Success system is designed such that PASSIVE income is quickly generated from one or two opportunities.


This allows you to either spend your earnings as you wish or join and upgrade your membership in the remaining opportunities or simply purchase advertising to accelerate your overall earnings from the multiple streams available in the Home Business Success System.


Sharing and promoting the Home Business Success System and the opportunities so that others can join you and build their own successful businesses is DUPLICATION. This is your KEY TO FINANCIAL AND TIME FREEDOM.


But you do not need to share all opportunities separately. I have put all of the opportunities together under one roof. All are successfully promoted by the Home Business Success System.


So all I do is promote the Home Business Success System website and people join my teams in all opportunities.


The Home Business Success System encourages your new members to join you in all of your opportunities.




These opportunities all pay you a residual income for life.


Imagine doing the work just once, imagine showing the Home Business Success System to someone one time, they join all the opportunities and then you earn a residual income after that from separate companies rewarding you for your effort.


You earn from multiple sources, for life. This is true wealth.


So you see, all I do is promote the Home Business Success System and I watch my opportunities grow everyday. And now, I am going to give you your own FREE copy of the Home Business Success System for no cost whatsoever.


Your free copy of the system comes with your own unique link which you can give away to anyone you want, anywhere you want, anytime you want, and as many times as you want, online or offline.


When you give away your own link, people join you in the Home Business Success System and the system encourages them to join you in the opportunities.


Just give away free copies of your system, using your Home Business Success System affiliate link and watch your business opportunities grow from week-to-week, month-to-month and get paid from multiple streams of PASSIVE income every month for life.


For the past several months, I have been building all the opportunities part time. (I’m still a devoted and loving family man and I spend as much time as I can with my family). I have watched my income from these businesses grow just by giving away copies of the Home Business Success System and now you too can do exactly the same!


There is NO cost and there is NO catch!


I decided to place these great opportunities under one roof and build a system around them so that I can easily share this incredible system with like – minded people.


You see, the more people that I help to get started with these amazing opportunities, the greater the commissions that I earn. I literally give away free copies of this website to people who want to make money online.


You can do the same too...


You don’t pay me anything, ever,  to use my system! The way it works is this: I help you to build successful PROFITABLE businesses in multiple companies and the companies in turn pay me a cool commission. I MAKE SURE you succeed. That’s how I make my money. It’s truly a win – win for everyone.




I want to give you a free copy of this website.


Your free copy will come with your own free unique link.  All you have to do to earn a MONTHLY GROWING PASSIVE INCOME from multiple sources is to register here today to get your own free copy of this website and then join all the opportunities.


Each of the opportunities will send you an ID or username. Enter your ID or username for each opportunity into this website in the spaces provided and click save. Then give away free copies of this website which will now contain your own user IDs from the opportunities.


Its as easy as sending people to your unique copy of this website using your unique link that you get when you sign up to use the Home Business Success System. That’s it!


Once you send them your unique Home Business Success System link, your work with them is done!


Let me do all the talking for you.


I sign them up with this letter and I train them once they are signed up. Multiple different companies then begin paying YOU a handsome commission.


Everything is set up for you:


No need to build websites or learn complex programming – I give you a free and powerful website.


No need to learn complex marketing or make time-wasting and costly mistakes – I show you ONLY what works.


No need to promote multiple companies  to earn multiple passive incomes – just promote one link (Your unique Home Business Success System link).


No need to sell to anyone – my Home Business Success System website does the introduction, explanation, promotion and encouraging for you.


No need to chase anyone – I email them on your behalf regularly to keep in touch and I remind them of the benefits of using the Home Business Success System.


No need to get confused deciding what opportunity to promote – I have done this for you already and we work with great companies that provide great value and a great compensation plan.


My Home Business Success System is truly a Done-For-you MULTI-WAY Business Building System.


Get started right now and start building the successful home business that you truly deserve for you and for your family.


Best wishes,

Ugo Okonkwo

Creator of the Home Business Success System




PS. As soon as you’ve registered, watch out for my Home Business Success System Welcome Email. Check you emails and spam folder in case it gets lost!


PSS. Once you’ve registered and started to use the system, you will quickly see how simple and fun it is to create a successful and profitable home business.



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